Pick Up & Store From Your Door!
Pick Up & Store From Your Door!

Why Saigon Storage?


  • Convenient Locations near the airport & city centre. 
  • Free insurance up to $200.
  • Expatriate owned & operated.
  • We set our standards high, our reputation is our everything!


  • Collection & return delivery service
  • Very secure premises not prone to flooding with CCTV & more.
  • Fully detailed contract & a thorough storage procedure.
  • Affordable monthly fees.
  • We abide to our contract.
  • Affordable & flexible.

Why Store?

      Our clients use our storage service for a number of reasons:

1) Travelling .  It is often impractical, inconvenient & cumbersome to carry too much when travelling Vietnam or nearby countries.  Backpacking with less 'lightens the load' & increases freedom.

2) Security. Unfortunately, theft does occur from hotels, buses & practically anywhere, choosing Saigon Storage & knowing belongings are safe & secure is the perfect solution.

3) Moving.  At times people are moving & their new abode may not be ready or there's a gap in contract dates.  It is not practical to lug belongings to a hotel, so the most convenient choice is to select our storage service.

4) Businesses.  When moving offices, our service is often selected when there is a period before a new office can be occupied.  Also, some businesses find themselves short of space so our service is used to free up space.  Business people don't always want to (or need to) carry work related paperwork, suits, books & the like home so they use Saigon Storage until they return to Vietnam.

5) Cost & Safety.  It's more economical to store rather than replace your belongings & theft is not only traumatic, it can also cause injury, storing with Saigon Storage gives total security without any worry.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help with complete convenience & peace of mind.

How To Use Our Storage Service

1. Pack your goods.
2. Secure your goods.
3. Contact us

It's as easy as 1,2,3.........

1) Pack your boxes, suitcases, rucksacks or containers.  We suggest using our inventory form to list what is packed.  A direct download is on our forms page.

2) Secure your belongings.  Secure boxes with strong tape. Suitcases & bags should be secured with locks.  Saigon Storage can help with this, we have a method to seal stored goods to show they have not been tampered with & can supply locks for bags.

3) Contact us to arrange pick up.  

You can then head off knowing that your belongings are safe.


Your belongs will be locked, secured against any tampering & stored in a dry room with a moderate temperature under constant monitoring.  Affordable storage with complete security.

Saigon Storage. Expat Owned & Operated.