Pick Up & Store From Your Door!Pick Up & Store From Your Door!
Pick Up & Store From Your Door!
Backpack Storage


The longer you store the more you save!

Box Storage
 Size1 to 60 days  (VND/day)60 to 90 days (VND/day) 90 days + (VND/day)
1 cubic meter box20,000 -30%-50%
 Rucksack up to 70 litre 25,000 -20% -50%
Rucksack 70 litre + 30,000 -20%-50%
 Suitcases A & B 20,000 -30%            -50%
 Suitcases C & D 25,000 -30%             -50%
 Suitcase E 30,000             -30%            -50%
 Excess weight surcharge150,000            150,000           150,000

Summer Promotion (ends 31/8/2017) - 50% off all prices!  Please Quote 'saigon Storage Summer 17' to take advantage of this!

Further discounts of up to 60% when storing multiple items over an extended period are available.  The prices given are a guide only, we highly recommend contacting us for a personal storage quotation.  Please note, the excess weight charge is applied one time per item that has a weight in excess of 20Kg. 

Suitcase Storage Prices

Collection pricing is subject to location & the volume to be collected, please contact us for a quote.  The same applies to our delivery service.

We are now able to store motorbikes up to 150cc for just 15,000 VND/day to a value of $750.   Please contact us for quotes on larger motorbikes. 


In the highly unlikely event that your stored goods are lost, stolen or damaged, Saigon Storage will compensate up to a maximum of $200.  If your items are of a higher value, extra coverage is available.

 Coverage Processing Fee Monthly Fee (Per Container)
 >$200 0 0
 $201 - $300 $25 (560k VND) $3 (70k VND)
 $301 - $400 $25 (560k VND)) $5 (115k VND)
 $401 - $500 $27.5- (615k VND) $7.50 (170k VND)
 $501 - $750$50 (1.1m VND) $10 (225k VND)
 $750 + Please contact Please contact

* Insurance must be purchased in advance.

* 'Processing Fee' is a one off fee regardless of the total number of containers.

* 'Container' refers to suitcase, backpack, box etc.  The rate is per container per month. 

 Collection & Delivery


The prices for collection & delivery are dependent on the location of the items to be stored.  We can provide a quotation & if you require any packing supplies, we can deliver your order & quote at the same time.

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